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We are so excited to introduce Katja, RDPL's certified Facility Service Dog! When visiting the library, you may see Katja, so we want to make sure you know what to expect and understand why she is part of our library family.

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RDPL's Library Facility Dog snoozing on the floor. Text reads 'Sit, Stay, Read with Katja'

Sit, Stay, Read with Katja!

Tuesdays & Thursdays
Dawe & Timberlands Branches
Do you want to read to a furry friend? Katja, our library's facility dog in training is all ears! Click to learn more.

Book a Visit from 'Team Katja' for your School or Organization!

Welcome to Pawsitive Impact: The Ultimate Outreach Program Picker! 🐾

Get ready for a tail-wagging adventure because Team Katja is on a mission to bring a bit of furry love and learning to your school or organization! We're all about spreading the joy and knowledge about service dog teams in our community, and we're paw-sitively excited to dive in!

We have several presentations available for you to choose from. Please review the options below and then fill out the Pawsitive Impact: Outreach Program Selector form.

Team Katja School Visits

🐾 Service Dogs 101: Storytime for Little Learners

Dive into the world of service dogs with interactive picture books alongside Katja, our star pup! Elementary students will get a chance to learn about the different types of service dogs and their cool jobs. Plus, they'll meet Katja up close and personal, ask all their burning questions, and see just how amazing these furry heroes can be.

🐕 Service Dog Etiquette: School Assembly

Team Katja will bring the lowdown on how to ace interactions with service dog teams. We're talking the dos, the don'ts, and everything in between, all in a fun show-and-tell format that'll keep everyone engaged.

📚 Exam Stress Relief Visits

Exams got you down? Team Katja to the rescue! We're here to melt away the stress with cuddles and meaningful chats about the emotional and practical support service, therapy dogs, and even pets can offer. It's a furry cuddle session with a side of learning—what's not to love?

Team Katja Organization Visits

🗣 Service Dog Team Q&A Panel

Ever wondered what life is like with a service dog? Katja's bringing some furry friends and their humans for an honest-to-goodness Q&A session. Hear stories, ask questions, and dive into the world of service dog teams like never before.

🌟 Creating a Supportive Environment for Service Dog Teams

With more service dog teams popping up in schools and workplaces, let's chat about how to make everyone feel welcome. Learn from Katja's experience at the Red Deer Public Library and get tips on creating an inclusive space for all.

🏫 Incorporating Service Dogs in Educational Settings

Attention teachers! Let's explore how to seamlessly integrate service dog teams into your classrooms and schools. Drawing on our own experiences with Team Katja, we'll tackle concerns and pave the way for a paw-sitive coexistence.

Pawsitive Impact: Outreach Program Selector

Katja, RDPL's Facility Service Dog, is excited to offer a range of engaging and informative educational sessions for your school or organization. Select the session that best suits your needs, and we'll reach out to you promptly to arrange the visit. Team Katja is eager to accommodate all requests, but we might not be able to keep up with everyone's deadlines due to our limited capacity.

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