Suggestions for Purchase

Is there a title that you think Red Deer Public Library users will enjoy that is not in the library catalogue? If so, tell us about it! Fill in the Suggestion for Purchase form below and we will consider your suggestion. You may submit up to three purchase suggestions per month. Please submit a title only once.

**Note: For works by local or self-published authors, please use this form, opens a new window instead!

Please DO NOT request the following items:

  • eBooks and eAudiobooks. For eBook/eAudiobook purchase suggestions, follow these instructions., opens a new window 
  • Brand new/unpublished titles or bestsellers. We likely already have these on order.
  • Items over 3 years old.
  • Items that have not yet been released in Canada.
  • Older, specialized, or out-of-print items. Please request these though Interlibrary Loan, opens a new window.
  • Amazon Prime, Netflix, Crave, etc. films and TV series that have not been released on DVD.
  • Titles written by local or self-published authors. For those, please use this form., opens a new window

Please note that while we'd love to purchase every requested title, we are simply not able to accommodate every single request. If we are not able to bring in your suggested title, we will contact you with other options (if you wish you be contacted).

This service is for RDPL cardholders only. TAL and ME Card customers must make suggestions for purchase to their home library.

Purchase Suggestions

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Note: for eBook/eAudiobook purchase suggestions, please follow the instructions at the top of this page.
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