Suggestions for Purchase: Local or Self-Published Authors

Red Deer Public Library receives a large number of submissions from local authors and self-published authors. Please note that RDPL purchases self-published books very selectively.

Guidelines for consideration are as follows:

  • Authors should be a resident of Alberta or the content of the work should take place in Alberta or otherwise demonstrate strong local interest.
  • Please do not send a sample of your book. Any material submitted for consideration becomes the property of Red Deer Public Library. If donated material is not included in the collection, it will be added to the Friends of the Red Deer Public Library book sale unless other arrangements are made.
  • Material should be published within the current 12 month period.

If you have a title by a local or self-published author that you would like considered for RDPL’s collections, please provide as much of the following information as possible:

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Note: RDPL does not order directly from websites. Our preferred method for purchasing materials is through a supplier.
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