Books As Old As You Are

Have you ever wondered who your birthday book twins are? This year, our Adult Summer Reading Challenge, opens a new window wants you to find out! You could just search it up, but seeing all the options the library has available and putting a hold on it right away is much easier. To do this, we're going to utilize a simple yet very effective feature of the RDPL website: Advanced Search, opens a new window.

Under the main search bar on our website, you can find the Advanced Search button, which allows you to search through our catalogue more thoroughly than a basic keyword search.


Below is what the Advanced Search page looks like. You can filter by (or exclude) multiple keywords, subjects, authors, etc. as well as other factors such as availability, format, fiction/non-fiction, and more. For the purposes of this blog post, we'll focus on the "Date Published" filter.



To find books published the year you were born, simply put your birth year in both range ends. For example, if you were turning 45 this year, you would put 1979 in both editable fields, as shown below.

After you've entered your birth year and are satisfied with the rest of the filters, hit search at the bottom of the page and BOOM, you have yourself a list of library materials that are just as old as you are. It'll sure put things in perspective!

Once you've assuaged your curiosity and read some new (to you) books, be sure to cross off the challenge on this year's Adult SRC, opens a new window bingo card. If you haven't picked up (or printed off) your sheet yet, it's not too late to join and try to win some prizes!