Kids’ Summer Reading Club

Out & About: Red Deer Public Library's 2021 Summer Reading Club

Kids' Summer Reading Club

Kids' Summer Reading Club

(for ages 3-11)

Introducing the 2021 Kids' Summer Reading Club!

Lit Line: 403-342-9100 - choose your own adventure

Lit Line: Choose Your Own Adventure!

Call the Lit Line every week for a new adventure throughout June, July, and August!

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Kids SRC Weekly Themed Program!

The Summer Reading Club will have a different 'Choose Your Own Adventure' theme each week!

Check out our recommended reads, printable activity booklets, and more below, and stop by any branch to pick up a 'Kit to Go' activity set to go with the weekly theme (limited supply, first come, first served). Scroll on to find out about our in-person and virtual programs taking place all summer long, including Book Bike programs, StoryWalks®, and Zoom Stoytimes!

Week Six: Get Ready for Your Study Adventure!

Week Six: Get Ready for Your Study Adventure!

Your Study Adventure: SRC Week Six Activity Booklet

For your last adventure, choose which activities will help you get ready for back-to-school so you can be sure to have a great school year!

Get Ready for Your Study Adventure! (3-7 years)

Summer is almost over, so get school ready with this list! You are going to ROCK this school year, especially with the help of these books!

Get Ready for Your Study Adventure! (7-12 years)

School can be a scary thing, but have no fear! Choose which books will help you the most and you'll be all set for the school year ahead!

Week Five: Explore the Wilderness!

Explore the Wilderness! (3-7 years)

Leave no stone unturned this week and learn all about nature with these books! Find ways to bring an outdoor adventure to you!

Explore the Wilderness! (7-12 years)

Embrace nature with this booklist! Learn about Alberta's forests, cool camping tips and adventures you can make for your very own backyard!
Week Five: Explore the Wilderness!

Explore the Wilderness: SRC Week Five Activity Booklet

Your adventure this week will allow you to explore the wilderness in many different ways!

Week Four: Master the Elements!

Master the Elements! (7-12 years)

Want to learn about fire, earth, air and water? Explore these books and become a master of the elements!
Week Four: Master the Elements!

Master the Elements: SRC Week Four Activity Booklet

This week, your adventure is all about learning to recognize the elements of fire, earth, air, and water that are all around you!

Master the Elements! (3-7 years)

Dive into nature this week and learn about the four basic elements with these fiery books!

Week Three: Be Kind to Nature!

Be Kind to Nature! (3-7 years)

It’s important to be kind to everyone, including our environment! Explore these books to learn about ways to protect your planet!

Be Kind to Nature: SRC Week Three Activity Booklet

Nature is all around us, and it’s our job to show nature that we care! This week’s adventure is all about showing kindness to nature.

Be Kind to Nature! (7-12 years)

It's our responsibility to know our role in protecting the environment. Explore this booklist to find ways to show the planet that you care!

Week Two: Make a Story!

Make a Story! (7-12 years)

Choose your own artistic adventure with these books! Learn new skills for an art form you already love or find something new to try!
Week Two: Make a Story!

Make a Story: SRC Week Two Activity Booklet

Stories can be told in many different ways -- through song, dance, art, and much more! What creative adventure will you embark on this week?

Make a Story! (3-7 years)

Get your creative juices flowing with these books. There's a book for every artist, no matter which method you prefer to get creative with!

Week One: Get Up, Get Out, Move Around!

Get Up, Get Out, Move Around! (7-12 years)

These books will help you get active in many different ways! Choose your own adventure by choosing which activity books sound best for you.

Get Up, Get Out, Move Around! (3-7 years)

These books will help you get active however you choose, whether you want to be active yourself or be inspired by some of the best athletes!
Week One: Get up, get out, move around!

Get Up, Get Out, Move Around: SRC Week One Activity Booklet

This week, we challenge you to create an adventure that gets you up and moving your body in whatever way you choose!

Book Bike Schedule

This summer, we will be taking RDPL’s Book Bike on a tour throughout Red Deer, coming to the communities that are closest to you!

From July 7th to August 13th, meet the RDPL’s Book Bike on a tour of our city’s lovely parks this summer! Get Out & About with the Summer Reading Club at Capstone Splash Park, Mackenzie Trails, Kin Canyon, Rotary Park and Bower Ponds! *Weather permitting, we’ll be at these parks on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays with stories, activities, Book Bingo Reading Challenge sheets, and our weekly craft Kits to Go to share.

Pick the location and time that works best for you, and then we’ll meet you there! Better yet, hop on your bike and meet us!

*Check our events calendar or social media pages for cancellations, or call 403-346-4576.

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