RDPL Board & Policies

Red Deer Public Library is governed by a board made up of one representative from City Council and 9 members of the public.

To contact the board, please email the Board Chair (chair@rdplboard.org, opens a new window), or write to 4818 - 49 Street, Red Deer, AB, T4N 1T9.

Interested in becoming a Red Deer Library Board Member? Visit the City of Red Deer's website to "Apply to a Council Committee, opens a new window" and click on Library Board.

Current Board Members

  • Shelley Odishaw (Board Chair)
  • Gabriel Beck
  • Valdene Callin
  • Councillor Chad Krahn
  • Natalie Day Lazenby
  • Maureen McCall
  • Jerry Moore
  • Brian Quigg
  • Sabrina Samuel
  • Laura Thevenaz

Board Meetings

Nine regular Board meetings are held each year, standing recessed in July, August, and December, with the Executive Committee acting on behalf of the Board during these three months. Did you know? Board Meetings are open to the public! Meetings are generally held on the last Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Snell Auditorium at the Downtown Branch.

Board Meeting Minutes


Provide a welcoming environment where everyone will discover, share, develop, and value curiosity.


Enrich lives by promoting literacy and providing access to knowledge and culture.

Values (Approved by the Library Board, April 2023)

What we do:

  • We provide information, resources, tools, programs, and services.
  • We support intellectual freedom by opening the world of information to all in our community.
  • We provide our customers with a wide variety of free resources that are fun and/or useful and/or engaging.
  • We make technology and other tools available to assist customers in finding the information and resources they want or need.
  • We deliver and/or co-sponsor a wide variety of interesting and informative programs and services for our customers.

What we value:

  • Intellectual Freedom
  • Literacy
  • Connection
  • Inclusion


Annual Reports

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